About OLP

Welcome to Orchestrated Light Photography, Inc. (OLP)! OLP specializes in beautiful Real Estate, Architectural and Aerial Photography using HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing to market your properties to their highest potential.

Professionally photographed properties sell faster and for more money.

Photography is the most crucial and cost effective aspect of marketing a property. It’s what most potential buyers see first. Poorly photographed properties can actually deter your ideal client. The statistics are impressive and clearly show the importance of great photos. In fact, it shows it ultimately costs more not to use professional photography!

OLP has done the research and is dedicated to providing the highest quality photography at an unbeatable price!

OLP’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective real estate photography with the highest level of personalized service at an affordable price.

OLP was started in May of 2011 by Christopher Weber. It was started out of a passion for photography, and the opportunity to help Real Estate Professionals with their businesses of selling and/or renting properties. (Read more about Christopher.)

OLP has also researched the competitions’ photography to provide a higher quality product at a lower cost. We are a small local business and are not bound by corporate structure and costs. Christopher’s skills and experience in both the Real Estate market & photography provide you with a professional that knows what your finished product should look like to create the most buzz about your property.

Our strengths include integrity, personalized services, and flexibility.

OLP has been designed and created specifically to bring in more business for your business. Our different services can be combined or used separately to create the perfect package to market your real estate, rental, or commercial business. Working one-on-one with Christopher ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for, the first time, and within your budget, and on your schedule.

Don’t wait – book now and build your portfolio today!